End of an era! Remix Session #1 is live and ready to be listened too! Super mega thanks to the amazing and talented YIQI, the energetic and unique Nick Double and the special and gifted Lennard Elliot for putting a crown on the music that has been part of my life for the last two years. I’ve got so much more new music coming up very soon and in a very new way. You won’t have to wait long, we’re hard at work behind the scenes!I want to thank MRTNB for joining me on my journey towards reaching more listeners by creating amazing videos and never backing down when something needs to be done, he’s been a big part in my career since the beginning of 2020.Last but not least, thanks to WAVE CAVE Studio for helping me out with everything relating to my music with full passion and lifting it up to a level that the material deserves. Being believed in by peers is super motivating and I can’t wait to share what we’re working on in the upcoming months.

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